"I think you're a great children's writer - you 'get' the language level that we're after and what kids will and won't understand. Good authors willing to meet difficult deadlines are not easy to find! You've been great to work with across the board on this."
"You did a FANTASTIC job! It's exactly what I was looking for..."
"You did an AMAZING job of writing this article. How you ever took all that information and synthesized it down so beautifully is eye-opening to me. That is talent."
"I read your articles last night, and all were super! Yours are always such a pleasure to read."
"Lori has been consistently impressive on multiple projects which I've had the pleasure to edit. Her writing is fun and informative, and she has a great knack for connecting with students. Over and over I've seen her take creative initiative to improve the quality of our projects - from setting up interviews with the BBC, to organizing student-interview forums. I highly recommend her!"
"Just finished giving your piece a thorough going-over. As I expected, extremely well-written and thoughtful. Beautifully done."
"Lori is a courageous, insightful and talented writer. She's at her best when she's observing her own life with the same wit and perceptiveness with which she takes in the rest of the world."
"Lori's writing is intelligent, well-crafted, and revealing."
"Lori is capable of reaching some deep truths about human nature in her writing. She's a serious, contemplative writer, who asks thought-provoking questions in her essays."
"Lori is a strong and brave writer who has the courage to examine her own life and plumb far deeper than most writers are willing to go. Her writing style is clear and unaffected. She has a quick wit and reflective personality. Her talents are considerable."


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